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STUDY UPDATE as of May 2015

As most of you know, we are completing Year 6 data collection and will be beginning Year 7 assessments this summer. Analysis of our complete set of Year 4 and Year 5 data is underway and we will be working on further analysis for our risk stratification tool this summer. This fall we plan to hold another site investigator meeting where we will be discussing further plans for our risk stratification tool as well as making deicisons about future directions. Candrive site investigators continue to work with our data and have been publishing in transportation and aging journals.


Overall, we continue to progress as planned and hope to be coming to the close of data collection at the end of this year, December 2015.

We want to thank you for your continued support of our important driving study. Your involvement provides the science-based data needed to help influence driving policies and change driving practice that will help to save lives.

These pages are designed to keep you informed of the study progress and provide other information we think might be of interest. We also would like to hear from you; your views, concerns, and experiences as a participant.

Please email our Program Manager, Lynn MacLeay at lmacleay@ohri.ca


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Candrive Knowledge Translation

  • Knowledge translation is defined as a dynamic and iterative process that includes synthesis, dissemination (broadcasting), exchange and ethically-sound application of knowledge to improve the health of Canadians, provide more effective health services and products and strengthen the health care system.*
  • The table below displays the number and types of knowledge translation activities Candrive investigators have been involved with to date (June 2015).

Knowledge Translation Activity







Upcoming Publications



Past Presentations


Upcoming Presentations


Invited Lectures


Media Activity

Media Interviews


News Articles


Web-Based Articles


Newsletters & Magazines


Book Chapters




Significant efforts have also been put into developing stakeholder relationships in preparation formobilization of knowledge generated from Candrive’s research to end users including physicians and motor transportation authorities, such as…

*Source: http://www.cihr-irsc.gc.ca/e/39033.html

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Candrive Researchers Participate in

National and International



July 5 - 6 2012

Candrive investigators, researchers and students from all sites have begun to present some of our initial findings at local, national and international conferences. Investigators attended the Canadian Association on Gerontology (CAG) 40th Annual Scientific and Educational Meeting, celebrating "New Directions for Aging," in Ottawa, Ontario from October 21-23, 2011. Various topics were discussed in a symposium about Candrive research, including findings on the influence of psychological and social factors on driving decision-making and behaviour, a comparison of our study participants to the general older driving population and the use of driving simulators.

In addition, Candrive researchers attended the 22nd Canadian Multi- disciplinary Road Safety Conference in Banff, Alberta on June 10-13, 2012. This conference is aimed at everyone who works in driver safety including health professionals, government officials, researchers and more. Candrive investigators and researchers also presented at the International Conference on Aging, Mobility and Quality of Life at the University of Michigan, USA on June 24-26, 2012. This conference focused on the particular requirements of elderly people for transport/ mobility that give them access to the various activities and services that maintain their health and well-being and enhance their quality of life.

Dr. Shawn Marshall, along with our Australian partners, attended the Australasian Road Safety Research, Policing and Education Conference in Wellington New Zealand, October 4-6th, 2012. Researchers were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to collaborate and present 12 abstracts as part of a Candrive/Ozcandrive Symposium on Older Drivers


October 24 - 25 2011




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Candrive Hits Newsstands!

In Macleans Magazine

April 2013




Click on the link and read about Candrive in Maclean’s Magazine!



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Candrive Special Issue in

Accident Analysis and Prevention



During the fall of 2012, Candrive Investigators had the unique opportunity to submit a series of manuscripts to be considered for publication in a Special Issue of the journal, “Accident Analysis and Prevention”. We are happy to say that we have had 12 articles accepted and the Special Issue will be available later this year. These articles are:

(1) Development and evaluation of a Driving Observation Schedule (DOS) to study everyday driving performance of older drivers.

Zafiroula Vlahodimitrakou, BSc; judith L charlton, PhD; Jim Langford, PhD; Sjaanie Koppel, PhD; Marilyn di Stefano, PhD; Wendy Macdonald, PhD; Barbara Mazer; Isabelle Gelinas, PhD; Brenda Vrkljan; Michelle M Porter, PhD; Glenys A Smith; Andrew Gull; Shawn Marshall, MSc MD.

(2) Findings from the Candrive/Ozcandrive Study: Low mileage older drivers, crash risk and reduced fitness to drive.

Jim Langford; Judith Charlton; Sjaan Koppel; Anita Myers ; Holly Tuokko ; Shawn Marshall ; Malcolm Man-Son-Hing ; Peteris Darzins ; Marilyn Di Stefano

(3) Determining the validity of the AMA guide: A retrospective analysis of the Assessment of Driving Related Skills and crash rate among older drivers

Andrew Woolnough; Danish Salim; Shawn C. Marshall, MD; Kelly Weegar; Michelle M Porter; Mark J Rapoport; Malcolm Man-Son-Hing; Michel Bédard; Isabelle Gélinas; Nicol Korner- Bitensky; Barbara Mazer; Gary Naglie; Holly Tuokko; Brenda Vrkljan.

(4) We are not ready to screen aging drivers with the SIMARD-MD.

Michel Bédard, Ph.D.; Shawn Marshall; Malcolm Man-Son-Hing; Bruce Weaver; Isabelle Gelinas; Nicol Korner-Bitensky; Barbara Mazer; Gary Naglie; Michelle M Porter; Mark J Rapoport; Holly Tuokko; Brenda Vrkljan.

(5) Protocol for Candrive II/Ozcandrive, a multicentre prospective older driver cohort study

Shawn C. Marshall, MD; Malcolm Man-Son-Hing; Michel Bédard; Judith Charlton; Sylvain Gagnon; Isabelle Gélinas; Sjaan Koppel; Nicol Korner-Bitensky; Jim Langford; Barbara Mazer; Anita Myers; Gary Naglie; Jan Polgar; Michelle Porter; Mark Rapoport; Holly Tuokko; Brenda Vrkljan; Andrew Woolnough.

(6) The Canadian Safe Driving Study - phase I pilot: Examining potential logistical barriers to the full cohort study

Shawn C. Marshall, MD; Keith E Wilson; Malcolm Malcolm; Ian Stiell; Andrew Smith; Kelly Weegar; Yara Kadulina; Frank Molnar.

(7) Older drivers' opinions of criteria that inform the cars they buy: A focus group study

Jenny Zhan, BHSc; Brenda H. Vrkljan, Ph.D., O.T. Reg. (Ont).; Michelle M Porter, PhD; Jan Polgar, PhD, O.T. Reg. (Ont).

(8) The Impact of Everyday Sleep Problems on Self-Reported Driving Patterns and Perceived Driving Abilities in a Cohort of Active Older Drivers.

Andrea J Hickey, MSc; Kelly Weegar, BA; Kadulina Yara, MSc; Sylvain Gagnon, Ph.D.; Shawn Marshall, MD, MSc, ; Anita Myers, Ph.D.; Tuokko Holly, Ph.D.; Michel Bédard, Ph.D.; Isabelle Gélinas, Ph.D.; Barbara Mazer, Ph.D.; Gary Nagile, MD, FRCPC; Michelle Porter, Ph.D.; Mark Rapaport, MD, FRCPC; Brenda Vrkljan, Ph.D.

(9) The Relationship between Cognitive Performance, Perceptions of Driving Comfort and Abilities, and Self-reported Driving Restrictions among Healthy Older Drivers.

Mark J Rapoport, MD, FRCPC; Gary Naglie, MD, FRCPC; Kelly Weegar, BA (Hons.) ;Anita Myers, PhD; Duncan Cameron, Candidate for BA(Hons); Alexander Crizzle, PhD; Nicol Korner- Bitensky, PhD; Holly Tuokko, PhD; Brenda Vrkljan, PhD; Michel Bédard, PhD; Michelle Porter, PhD; Barbara Mazer, PhD; Isabelle Gélinas, PhD; Malcolm Man-Son-HIng, MD MSc FRCPC; Shawn C Marshall, MD MSc FRCPC; for the Candrive Research Team.

(10) Associations between Age, Gender, Psychosocial and Health Characteristics in the Candrive II Study Cohort.

Holly A Tuokko, PhD; Anita Myers; Alexandra Jouk; Shawn Marshall; Malcolm Man-Son-Hing; Michelle Porter; Michel Bedard; Isabelle Gelinas; Nicol Korner-Bitensky; Barbara Mazer; Gary Naglie; Mark Rapoport; Brenda Vrkljan.

(11) Stability of physical assessment of older drivers over 1 year.

Andrew James John Smith, Msc; Shawn C Marshall, MD MSc FRCPC; Michelle M Porter, Ph.D ; Linda Ha, Bsc; Michel Bedard, MD; Isabelle Gelinas, Ph.D ; Malcolm Man-Son-Hing, MD MSc FRCPC; Barbara L Mazer, Ph.D ; Mark J Rapoport , MD FRCPC; Holly A Tuokko, Ph.D ; Brenda H Vrkljan, Ph.D.

(12) Driving Avoidance by Older Adults: Is It Always Self-Regulation?

Molnar, L.J., Eby, D.W., Charlton, J.L., Langford, J., Koppel, S., Marshall, S. & Man-Son-Hing, M.


Summer Students!


This year candrive has hired 5 summer students to help with Candrive and its subprojects. The students will be working on new publications & data management, among other things.Our goal is to provide skills that these students can take with them to prepare them for future careers.

With all this help we expect to have an exceptionally productive summer!


From left to Right: Simon Villneuve (Ottawa University, Psychology); Hayley Macleay (McGill University, Arts); Phillip Marshall (St Lawrence College, Chemistry) Andrew Bayne (McGill University, Chemistry). Not pictured Jaime Yabsley (Ottawa University, Human Kinetics)


Tell us what you think! Write to ushere .

Check with us here frequently for updates.






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